Melodica music and customers

Another day , another week comes to an end. Shop opens and closes like clockwork. Today another end of  Saturday means one day of rest this Sunday  for my very good team and I.
Sunday a day of rest. Mondays to Saturdays are full of work. Hard work. Lot’s of emotions about everything musical. Plenty of music and the workings around it. Good job and good work. Guitar here , Kayamba there,  Cds, downloads, vinyl records, requests for artists and albums, chit chats, can we help you Sir/Madam, Karibu and all week days seem like every other day goes by full of the industry, wherein everything is Musical and all related.
What makes a day in Melodica is everything that happens in between. The familiar and new faces. A Jambo / Hello is everything worth our trade. we come from the North, South, East and West.  We come from everywhere.
Tomorrow is Sunday and it’s going to be a very comfortable, family get together day. Good Folks are a family orientated part of humanity. Many of washabiqs have already set themselves with zilizopendwa music. Sunday is a good day to reminiscence.
Melodica – 0ur ‘Brick and Mortar’ trade is closed tomorrow.  One day of rest may be the best for all my team and even for you, myself and all Kenyans. One day of rest may be as important as that the rains which hopefully will fall soon here in my Kenya and sweep away this drought and make the putter, patter of rain quench not only our souls for rest but bring water that is life . Perhaps this here Sunday and the impending rains may remind us … that no matter how much work never ends … there must be a time for hope and for rest.

Santana / The Nile

Carlos Santana on stage, Germany sometime 1985, somewhere there ….  the great maestro gave a great concert….. during the inevitable collapse of the so called ‘Berlin wall’.

Visiting Germany is a good part of my memory. Great brother, good music.
In his honour – The Nile !